Monday, June 7, 2010

The END of the beginning or the BEGINNING of the end....!!

There was a time when i thought whatever happens, happens for a reason…I tried doing good, did everything i could for a person who didn’t love me back the same way, but in the end nothing mattered…It didn’t matter what i did..In the end the inevitable happened - She moved on…For a while i thought wouldn’t move on..I wallowed in self pity..But then suddenly i found myself at the crossroads where i had to choose furthur studies or loneliness….Obviously i chose the later, got admission to an MBA college in Delhi, made new friends, forgave her, moved on too……But life plays in unexpected ways….

I found myself in love again with a girl who was already committed to a guy….I knew i shouldn’t go into it furthur…thought better be good friends and not expect anything..But it never turns out the way we want it to be…It all goes around in cycle…It was fine till sh was in front of me and when we met everyday..Things were pretty fine and beautiful but then all good things come to an end…She got a job , went back home and here i am working in Delhi, far away from her…..Tried to think that we have phone to stay in touch, why worry but as always it doesn’t work out the way we want….The calls from her side reduced, When i called she either didn’t pick up or after picking up asked me to call after some time (which would be useless as she would again not pick my calls)..First i thought it was for some good reason but then it dawned to me - what if she’s not worth it , what if she doesn’t feel like talking to me anymore, what if she has found a better friend than me, or worse what if she used me when she needed me…..And now i will go back to sleep thinking about all these stuff, wondering whether i will be able to move on again and this time in an easier way….